BSA Scouting basics, where new scouts can learn about saying, signs, knots, and BSA facts. 

Scouting Basics

Tenderfoot scouts can learn about scout sayings, signs, facts, and basic knots.


Below are two very important knots in scouting. On the left is the square knot, also know as the joining knot, and on the right is the bow-line. Below are some brief descriptions on their uses and how to tie them. If you would like to know more about how to tie knots, use your BSA handbook. If you have an iPhone, with your parent’s permission, you may download this Knot app ($4.99) from the Apple App Store onto your mobile device. Click Here to preview the app online. If you'd like a cheaper alternative, but without animations, than this knot app is available for $1.99.There is also a free version available here. 

Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan, and Code

Below are the scout oath and law, motto, slogan, and outdoor code. All of these things are sayings every scout should know and live by. For more information refer to your BSA handbook.

Salutes and Such

Saluting and standing at attention are a sign of respect. Below there are some pictures and descriptions. Read and look over these, then practice them to make sure you have it down. For more information on this refer to your BSA handbook.


The Scout Badge

The Scout Badge is not just a symbol that goes on your uniform when you earn First Class or a decoration for something, it is a symbol that means something. Every part of the scout badge has a purpose. Below are the parts of the scout badge and their purpose. Remember: when we are in groups at the meetings the guides sometimes pick “Scout Jeopardy” which contains questions about the scout badge shown below. For more information refer to your BSA handbook.