Games and Activities

This page has a compilation of troop games and activities that can be used (or have been used) at troop meetings and events.

Cannibal Rescue

Equipment: One long rope for each patrol


Procedure: The patrols line up in relay formation. Draw a chalk line in front of each patrol and another line parallel to the first but about 20 feet away. Give the first Scout in each patrol a rope. Then tell this story: “You are fleeing from cannibals and have reached the bank of a wide river. Only one Scout in each patrol can swim. The rest of the patrol must be pulled across with the help of a rope.” On signal, the first Scout in each patrol “swims” (runs) to the other “shore” (second chalk line) and throws one end of the rope back across the “river” to the second Scout in line. The second Scout ties a bowline knot around his waist and is pulled across to the other shore by the first Scout. Then the second Scout unties the rope, throws it to the next Scout in line, and so on. This continues until the whole patrol is safely across.

Scoring: The first patrol to get all of its members across the river wins.


This game requires fast action and encourages group cooperation. Play it in a gym or on a large field.

Equipment: For each patrol, a 12-inch-thick plywood circle, 3 or 4 feet in diameter (the “ship”)

Procedure: Rasp and sand any sharp edges and splinters on the ships (plywood circles) and give one to each patrol. The patrol members hold onto the sides as they run the length of the playing area until a leader yells “Shark!” At that instant, all of the patrol members jump onboard their ship.

Scoring: The first patrol with all members’ feet off the ground earns 1 point . Repeat the game several times. The first patrol to reach the finish line earns 3 points.


Equipment: For each patrol, a well-inflated beach ball

Object: To hit the ball aloft as many times as possible before it hits the ground.


  1. A player may not hit the ball twice in succession . 
  2. Count 1 point for each hit . Have the patrols gather in different areas of the field or gym and begin playing . Tension and expectation may build as each “world record” is approached .

Variation: Have a different-colored ball for each patrol . Start the game with all patrols in the same area, and allow patrol members to hit the ball of other patrols as well as their own . Do not permit pushing and shoving to get at another patrol’s ball . 

Frantic Object

Object: To keep a number of tennis balls in constant motion for as long as possible

Procedure: Everyone in the group is given a worn-out tennis ball or two. Play on a smooth surface that is bounded by walls . On signal, the group attempts to keep every tennis ball in motion. Referees are used to spot balls that have stopped moving .


  1. During the activity, additional tennis balls may be added, increasing the difficulty. 
  2. The activity may be allowed to continue until the referees have spotted three balls that have stopped moving.