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Summer Camp

  • Camp Daniel Boone North Carolina United States (map)

Summer Camp in Camp Daniel Boone.  

Friday - Sunday

The boys arrived at Gary's house on Friday without any issues. Saturday the boys either went tubing or did the Ocoee. They had rain but still had fun. Saturday afternoon they headed to Bryson City, NC and camped at Darnell Farms. I heard the river was high there but they were still able to camp without a problem. Dinner was in Bryson City at the usual pizza restaurant and then they went to the ice cream shop across the street. Deep Creek on Sunday morning was closed due to the water level being so high because of all the rain they've had so instead the troop went to Lake Fontana and to the Dam. They ate lunch there and watched the emergency release tubes shoot out water up to one hundred feet in the air. Sounded like an awesome experience and not something the boys have seen before. They did make it to camp a little earlier than last year and from what I've heard, the weather is awesome at camp. After registering at camp, the guys did the safe swim, quick change for dinner, vespers and the opening camp fire.


Today at scout camp the troop woke up in their traditional Sioux camp site. Of course the time we woke was at the crack of dawn. It took a little while for all the scouts to realize if it as night or day but they eventually all gathered around the campfire in the middle of camp. Mr. Sasso, Mr Scarpa, and Dalton Wells briefed us on what we'd be doing today and how we have the reputation of being the cleanest and best troop. Once we had heard this we all were more than willing to do a police line to tidy up the campsite. When we got down to the flag ceremony we watched the flag be raised and then went to eat after a song and morning grace. We ate a healthy breakfast and then went to our merit badge classes. At lunch no one had a complaint about the merit badges, so it was going pretty well. We only had 2 more classes after lunch. After those ended there was free time, which was if some diligent scouts wanted to catch up on merit badges or just get ahead. After that we went back up to camp for a practice fire drill. We all waited for camp staff to come and make sure we were okay. We waited in camp until flag lowering


Today was a fun filled day here at Camp Daniel Boone. The Eagle patrol was directed to wake up a full 30 minutes earlier than yesterday because we were to slow to get to flag ceremony. also the eagle patrol was told to build a camp gadget so that troop 338 could claim the long rifle award which we do almost every year. by the time that was over the troop raised their own flag and headed to the camp's flag ceremony. we were all ready for breakfast at that time. the camp staff had been thinking of weird competitions to determine who gets in line first for breakfast, and today you had to have the highest songs which Dalton happened to be wearing at the time. so we got in line first. we had french toast and then we cleaned the mess hall and went to classes. we met back for lunch which today was ht dogs. then again went back for 2 more classes. after the classes scouts did whatever they wanted for free-time. most of our scouts tried to get ahead because they would be missing a day on Wednesday to go white water rafting on the Nantahala River. we met at the campsite and then went t flag lowering. once we sang a song we went to eat dinner which was spaghetti. after was some more free-time. where most of our kids went to fish. we are currently about to walk back o camp and cook a few of the fish caught out of the river. after we will go to sleep.


Today, Wednesday the 10th the scouts woke up at the regular time 7 o'clock in the morning. The first and third and older years went to white water raft down the Nantahala River, while the 2nd years and a few others stayed behind to white water raft on Thursday or to catch up on merit badges. So the whole troop did a police line to tidy up the campsite and then we were off to flag ceremony. We had let the camp staff know that troop 338 would be white water rafting today and that they would need to be out of camp early, so the staff dismissed us to breakfast first. Today for breakfast we ate a chicken biscuit. So after a quick breakfast the scouts and leaders left on the bus for the Nantahala River. The Nantahala (The Nanny), was expected to be high due to the high levels of rain this year. After "mom" talked to the scouts at the Paddle Inn, they set off on the river for the next several hours. Good and fast water, a couple of wipeouts, water jumping, pizza and hot cocoa by the river courtesy of Mrs. Rutishauser, and then shooting the extra fast falls, wrapped up the river. A quiet bus ride back was due to several napping scouts. The kids who stayed back at camp cleaned their space and went to merit badge classes. They met back at lunch. For lunch today it was pizza and French fries. After the kids went for 2 more classes then free time where kids went to do what they wanted. Some of our scouts are very interested in fishing and fished until dinner. Dinner was supposed to be a hoedown in the field but due to the terrible weather the camp ate inside the mess hall. We were treated to barbecue style food and bluegrass music.

Scoutmaster Message Post-Camp

Hello Troop 338, Now that we are all back from this year's summer camp and our minds are still fresh with the memories, we traditionally take this time to review the trip and provide feedback for improvements for next year. If you have any comments, I encourage you to send them to me (email is preferred) and I will collect them and report them anonymously back to everyone. As we are planning our next committee meeting for Monday July 29, I would like to take time at that meeting to discuss any comments received, so I hope you can all attend. Anyone in the troop is welcome to comment in advance or at the meeting and to attend the meeting. As of now, we have not registered yet for any summercamp next year, so we will also need to discuss our plans for that as well. Remember, if you wish to make a comment, good/bad/or indifferent please do so. This goes for scouts as well as adults and is not limited to those who attended this year's summercamp either. Here are some comment questions to consider answering: What worked, what didn't. Shall we can keep everything the same, change what we do while at CDB, change the pre-trips and/or locations, change the summercamp location, visit CDB every other year, add a venture side trip (rafting, caving, horseback riding, hike, museum, etc), other? I look forward to a fun and busy year as your SM.


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