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Scribe Notes 12/4/17 SPL Meeting

Nicholas Parker

Scribe  12/4/17  SPL meeting



3 New Rules

1. Electronics –Electronics only allowed on the bus and at night if it is not disturbing to others.

2. Having caffeine after dinner is not allowed.

3. Having food on the bus is not allowed unless it is individually wrapped and only water on the bus.


Upcoming Events:



Cocoa Beach Christmas Parade- wear class A uniform.  Can wear a Christmas hat etc..

Meet at Cocoa Beach Library area at 1:00.


Samson Island canoe and camping trip- Satellite Beach Boat Parade

12/21/17 Last day of school- Brevard County


1/13-1/15/18 - First campout of 2018


2/4/18 – Scout Sunday- pancake breakfast at FUMC


2/17-2/19/18- USS Alabama trip in Mobile.