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Summer Camp 2016

In the month of July, the Scouts came back from scout camp.  Before the summer camp, a group of Scouts went on the 50 miler.  Our pre-trip this year was up to Chimney Rock.  We had a choice from spelunking again, to zip lining again.  We choose a nature hike and learned about natural berries.  It was a big hiking trip all the way up to a mountain.  We also learned about natural berries you can eat in the wild.  He also told us about the time he thought poison ivy grew only in vines.  The camp seemed to be like most of the other camps we were at.  One major difference was that the lake that they had for water activities was warm.  Three boys had a high adventure activity, they had to spend the week in another area.  They went rafting every day on different rivers through the week.  We didn’t stop at the Cracker Barrel that we eat dinner at every year.  It was an uneventful journey back to Florida.