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Summercamp Day Seven: (6/26/14)

Mr. Pletch was off to the Cold Mountain Hike, as the Scouts knocked out requirements for their merit badges.  In the afternoon, the real fun began as the Scoutmaster golf tournament was held.  Mr. Coon was our entrant,  who produced some beautiful handmade clubs. At the last minute he was called off to drive the van, so Mr. Slade filled in as Ms. Hall held his umbrella, and SM Scarpa was his caddy.  Mr. Stremmel, representing Golf Digest photographed the event.  As a lefty, Mr. Slade did not golf his best game with Mr. Coon’s clubs, but the real objective was a fun time.  Objective complete!

In the evening, the troop had its evening of food prep in our own Chippewa camp site.  It was a beauty to behold!  Emilio, working on his Cooking merit badge was the chief cook, utilizing full support of the troop for food prep.  The main meal was jambalaya, and it was awesome.  Great job Emilio! 

We had a couple visitors from Staff:  Crazy Steve and Jessica as our dinner guests.  As always, it was a pleasure to have Crazy Steve, a camp celebrity, visit us. Especially, as  he always has glowing reports of the conduct of Troop 338.  It is quite a compliment coming from a leader who observes hundreds of troops every summer.

The camaraderie, spirit, and troop cohesiveness of 338 was evident and in full display today.  The boys proudly marched to the flag ceremony in single file behind the troop flag displaying full confidence as a unit.  At the retiring of the colors this evening, our troop conducted the honors under the direction of Dalton, as Sam A, Bill C, and Ethan G. exhibited a flawless ceremony. 

Also, in quite an impressive display of patrol unity, the evening was spent in a true old style campfire, complete with skits, songs and jokes.  The adults led off the event, as Ethan W acted as the Master of Ceremonies.  The Lil’ Pat skit brought us all to tears of laughter, and on the heels of that, the adults sang a song as led by Ms. Hall.  Each patrol then had a skit, the Penguins performed “Dirt Mart”, the Dingos acted out “Candy Counter” and the Phantoms, “Longest Belt”  Many jokes followed these performances. The feeling of warm camaraderie was felt by all, and only a troop operating under the auspices of a true “patrol method” has the good fortune to experience.