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Summercamp 2014 Day Six: 6/26/2014

After being fully in tune with the merit badge and camp program , I asked some of our Scouts what they liked about their merit badges  and those classes this morning,:

Emilio likes Communication and Citizenship in the Nation, but thinks Archeology is boring

Dalton W says, “theyre all fine.”

Reese likes Fishing and Archery merit badge, he has been carrying his fishing rod around alot

Ethan W. likes free time and sign offs for advancement, and was really interested in Archeology

Michael H. enjoyed the Service Project from yesterday and Citizenship in the World

Corry likes Citizenship in the World

Ethan G likes Rifle, Archery, and Wood Carving

John Shoe. likes Soil and Water Conservation

Henry is interested in  Rifle and Citizenship in the World

In all, the boys are engaged and moving at a full clip from the moment the bugle is sounded by Devin to the last campfire of the night.  Again retiring to the sound of the bugle.

Today was special for John S. as his family visited him and the troop for the camp wide hoedown.  It was complete with a burger meal, a local live band, a dunking booth for Colby (the camp social director), and Highland Games as demonstrated by the counselors from Boonesboro. 

In addition, some of the troop participated in some “off campus” activities.  SM Scarpa and the Coons, visited the local pulp and paper factory, Evergreen.  While in the evening, Devin and his dad attended the Horsemanship Merit Badge instruction at a local farm. 

Ryan P. landed the first trout of the week for the troop, and liked it so much, he caught 4 more by the end of the day,  assisting in a portion of tomorrow’s meal.  It will be prepared in the camp, by Mr. Wells who always has some culinary tricks up his sleeves. He is our troop Dutch Oven expert. 

Our campsite inspection for the morning was an impressive 100%, thanks to the SPL and ASPL for some great leadership, especially in the area of the daily pioneering project.

We still are looking forward to the fun times ahead, and are hitting the home stretch with enthusiasm that is being fueled by our new troop cheer taught by Mr. S.  Itten Bitten……………………..