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Summercamp 2014: Day Five (6/24/14)

The merit badge pursuit continues, however, Ryan P, and John S have qualified already for their shotgun merit badge.  It was quite challenging, and Mr. P represented the troop in the SM challenge for shotgun tonight.  As well as merit badges, the troop has built a camp craft pioneering project, and resulted in a grade of 97% for our campsite today.  Good stuff guys!

Everyone’s free time has continued to be spent hanging around, fishing, merit badge instruction and various other great mountain activities!

One of today’s activities was a camp wide tug of war in a just drenched field, after a passing rain shower.  We were close to placing in the top 3 for the camp and truly enjoyed the event immensely especially since one of our rounds was with our friendly rival, troop 348 from Cocoa Beach!

Helping the camp is one of the traditions Troop 338 has always upheld while visiting Camp Daniel Boone, and the SM was eager to get the boys involved in a camp service project.  So amongst the activities, we were able to sneak in a road clearing project that allowed unfettered access for cars passing up the main road from the roadside trees and foliage!

Not surprisingly, there is some pretty sound sleepers amongst the troop every evening at 10:00, lights out!