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Summercamp 2014: Day Four (6/23/14)

First Full Day of Camp

The troop has fallen into the usual daily routine here at Camp Daniel Boone.  From the first cannon shot and reville from Devin S's. bugle, it is non stop action!  We had another day of gorgeous weather as the race for merit badge completion has begun.  The boys are involved in training for their merit badges most of the day, traversing from camp to the dining hall to the ranges to the instructional stations.  It sure is a lot of up and down walking from our Chippewa camp to the various activites.  The Patrol Leader’s Council (senior youth leadership) are keeping the troop operating like a precision time piece under the direction of Sam A as SPL, and the ever watchful eye of SM Scarpa.

Most of the boy’s most enjoyable events are the shooting skills including shotgun and rifle.  Sam N. is enjoying Cinematography merit badge.  The waterfront has been less of a draw this year due to the temps of chilly Lake Allen, however, the fishermen of the troop are persistently pursuing it’s trout, including Ryan P, John E., Ethan W., and Corry S.  Even during free time, the Boys are engaged in some sort of activity and adventure, even Ryan E, who is our first year Scout, and hanging strong in the “Going Great “ program.  He loved the opening ceremony skits, and howled in laughter. 

Bill C has described railroading merit badge as mind numbing! 

The adults are also busy pursuing Boy Scout specific training including Outdoor Leader Skills.  Also, they have been competing in Scoutmaster challenges to include black powder and .22 caliber shooting contests. 

A funny quote came from Aidan J on the way to camp, when asked what Scout Spirit was, he stated, “it’s when you show up happy for a campout”  Incidentally, our boys won the “spirit stick” for the most spirited troop at the flag retiring ceremony tonight.  Happy for a campout! Indeed!