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Summercamp 2014: Day One (6/20/14)

We pulled into Darnell Farms, just outside Bryson City, NC just as twilight greeted the evening swarm of fireflies.  A welcoming camp area greeted us along the gurgling river flowing through the farm.  By about 9:30 in the evening, each of the troop’s patrols had set up its tents and prepared for bed.  It had been a long journey - loading up the Church bus at 6 am, traversing interstate and mountain road, hills and mountains, through city, village and city.  At lunch, we stopped at a familiar spot, the 8th Air Force museum outside Savannah, GA, the same as the February outing to Patriot’s Point.

Just before dinner, we encountered a familiar situation, as a bus wheel needed to be replaced.  Even though the tire center confirmed inner tread separation, and an associated shimmy, we couldn’t help wondering (out loud) if it was just a ploy of Mr. Wells to get out of driving.

Today’s weather update:  mostly sunny, with some heavier rains in the mountain passes of NC.  A dry campground at Darnell Farms!