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Spring 2014 Camporee

Once again our Troop has won the District Camporee this weekend! We demonstrated good scout skills, leadership and spirit of which others admire, while having fun too. Keep up the good work and I am proud of all of you. See some photos on our Facebook site. Here are the results of the judging: 

Camporee Overall: 1st place
Campsite: 3rd place 
Gateway: 2nd place 

Stretcher Carry: 3rd place 
Knots: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place 
Fire Building: 3rd place 
Compass Course: 2nd place 
Emergency Shelter: 1st place 
Duct Tape Merit Badge: 1st place individual (Top Hat), 3rd place troop (Top Hat, IPod Headphones, Boat) 
Dutch Oven: Participant

- Troop 338 Scoutmaster