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New Troop Website

As you can see, our troop website just got a fresh splash of paint. We recently switched to a different website provider, hence the new look. The new layout makes it easier for us to update and manage the website. This means that content will be updated more rapidly, feedback can be gathered more effectively, and your experience on our website online will be much better.

All aspects of the website have been revised. The first thing you'll notice is the navigation bar is now on the left side  of the screen. If you click on Events , Photos , or For  Scouts , a list of related pages will appear underneath.

The troop calendar has been converted from a long scrolling list to an actual calendar. Use the arrows at the top to navigate through the months. Click on an event to see details, pictures, location info, etc. 

A blog has also been added to the website. The troop scribe will write-up blog posts about troop events, campouts, trips, etc and then post them. Other select pieces may be posted too. 

The Photos pages have also been redesigned to let you view photos in their full glory. Click on the left side of a photo to go to the previous one, click on the right side to go to the next one. You can also use the buttons in the lower left corner of the screen to navigate photos. 

The troop 338 website is now also mobile compatible. This means that the website is ready for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device (and it'll look great too). 

We hope you enjoy the new design. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. please feel free to use the new Contact Us  page to get in touch!