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Scribe Notes 12/18/17

Nicholas Parker – Scribe notes 12-18-17


Camping trip to Samson Island


We left Saturday morning, December 16, at 9:00 a.m.  6 scouts and 3 adults went on this trip from our troop.  We went on a John Boat to Samson Island. We were going to canoe but due to the rough river we decided to take a Mr. Wells boat.  We put the boat on at Eau Gallie Causeway.  When we got there we set up our tents and got settled. At first we played a couple of games. Next we went on a hike and named 10 plants.  After that we played some more until it got dark. We got ready to go watch the boat parade.  We watched the Satellite Beach boat parade for about an hour them we went back to our sight and cooked dinner.  We ate dinner and then went to bed. We woke up and cooked breakfast and then packed up and loaded up the boat and went back to the church. We got there around 11:45 a.m.  Everyone had a nice time.




Upcoming Events:


January 8- First meeting of 2018


January 13-15  Camping trip to Jonathon Dickinson State Park.


One addition: the PLC is also evaluating several camps for summer camp this year and will present them to the troop for a vote on Monday, Dec 11.   –Dr Scarpa


Scribe Notes 12/4/17 SPL Meeting

Nicholas Parker

Scribe  12/4/17  SPL meeting



3 New Rules

1. Electronics –Electronics only allowed on the bus and at night if it is not disturbing to others.

2. Having caffeine after dinner is not allowed.

3. Having food on the bus is not allowed unless it is individually wrapped and only water on the bus.


Upcoming Events:



Cocoa Beach Christmas Parade- wear class A uniform.  Can wear a Christmas hat etc..

Meet at Cocoa Beach Library area at 1:00.


Samson Island canoe and camping trip- Satellite Beach Boat Parade

12/21/17 Last day of school- Brevard County


1/13-1/15/18 - First campout of 2018


2/4/18 – Scout Sunday- pancake breakfast at FUMC


2/17-2/19/18- USS Alabama trip in Mobile.



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Summer Camp 2016

In the month of July, the Scouts came back from scout camp.  Before the summer camp, a group of Scouts went on the 50 miler.  Our pre-trip this year was up to Chimney Rock.  We had a choice from spelunking again, to zip lining again.  We choose a nature hike and learned about natural berries.  It was a big hiking trip all the way up to a mountain.  We also learned about natural berries you can eat in the wild.  He also told us about the time he thought poison ivy grew only in vines.  The camp seemed to be like most of the other camps we were at.  One major difference was that the lake that they had for water activities was warm.  Three boys had a high adventure activity, they had to spend the week in another area.  They went rafting every day on different rivers through the week.  We didn’t stop at the Cracker Barrel that we eat dinner at every year.  It was an uneventful journey back to Florida.

May 7, 2016

In the month of April, there were two Eagle scout projects. One Eagle scout project was by Ryan P.; the other project was by Henry I.  During our meetings, we were getting the new scouts to the rank of Scouter, we were also teaching them how to pack correctly when we go on a hiking trip in May.  We also did one of the requirements that new scouts need to do before they can get Tenderfoot.  We have been working on them to do Physical Fitness.  We attempted to do a cleanup and refurbishment of the canoes, it didn’t happen as there were not enough adults for the event.  Patrol leaders were also elected, a patrol leader training was held.

April 2, 2016

At the end of March, we went to a camporee, the theme was Alaskan wilderness (Klondike Derby).  They had everyone move their gear around by building a Klondike sled, as if you are moving your stuff on snow.  Two of our patrols were able to carry someone on the back of the sled, and even with the extra weight, they flew around faster than any other troop.  We also won the camporee as the best troop.  We had the best campsite.  We also had the best gateway.  We got some new scouts that were assigned to patrols.  New leadership positions have taken into effect.  The old leaders have transferred over their position to the new elected official.  Also we are planning a service day for the church.  We got 9 new scouts.  Our troop is really growing now.  These scouts will form new leaders as they learn what it’s like to be a boy scout.

March 8, 2016

The troop kicked off the beginning of the month with a court of honor, giving scouts their well deserved ranks and merit badges. Then shortly after the court of honor the troop had a cross over for cub scouts coming into boy scouts. We added nine more scouts to our numbers. We then held our annual pancake breakfast and supported Scout Sunday Services, a scout is reverent. One of the most exciting things the troop did this month was camp out on the USS Yorktown, a WWII aircraft carrier all the way in South Carolina! After that, the troop had one more event, scouts were able to go to Merit Badge University at Florida Institute of Technology to earn some merit badges on he campus. We have been training hard for the upcoming district Camporee which we are last year's champions. We have been selling scout cards and plan to sell at our church. This concludes the troops activities for this month!  


August 2015

August was a great month to be in the troop. We went to On the Edge rock climbing in Melbourne. We stayed over at the rock climbing safe from the natural element a big change from most of our campouts. Also troop elections are approaching so some familiar faces might be changing. We are focusing on canoeing in preparation for a 50 mile canoe and hike campout that we are planning for next summer,   


The month of March

March was a quiet month for Troop 338. We went on a campout to Hontoon Island and had a lot of fun. We learned and refreshed many scout skills such as dutch oven cooking and canoeing. There were new troop position elections and Ryan Pletcher is the new SPL(Senior Patrol Leader) for the troop. Our ASPL (Assistant Senior Patrol Leader) is Sam Nelson. The scouts are having a fun time with spring break and are looking forward to the campore coming up in April.


Summercamp Day Seven: (6/26/14)

Mr. Pletch was off to the Cold Mountain Hike, as the Scouts knocked out requirements for their merit badges.  In the afternoon, the real fun began as the Scoutmaster golf tournament was held.  Mr. Coon was our entrant,  who produced some beautiful handmade clubs. At the last minute he was called off to drive the van, so Mr. Slade filled in as Ms. Hall held his umbrella, and SM Scarpa was his caddy.  Mr. Stremmel, representing Golf Digest photographed the event.  As a lefty, Mr. Slade did not golf his best game with Mr. Coon’s clubs, but the real objective was a fun time.  Objective complete!

In the evening, the troop had its evening of food prep in our own Chippewa camp site.  It was a beauty to behold!  Emilio, working on his Cooking merit badge was the chief cook, utilizing full support of the troop for food prep.  The main meal was jambalaya, and it was awesome.  Great job Emilio! 

We had a couple visitors from Staff:  Crazy Steve and Jessica as our dinner guests.  As always, it was a pleasure to have Crazy Steve, a camp celebrity, visit us. Especially, as  he always has glowing reports of the conduct of Troop 338.  It is quite a compliment coming from a leader who observes hundreds of troops every summer.

The camaraderie, spirit, and troop cohesiveness of 338 was evident and in full display today.  The boys proudly marched to the flag ceremony in single file behind the troop flag displaying full confidence as a unit.  At the retiring of the colors this evening, our troop conducted the honors under the direction of Dalton, as Sam A, Bill C, and Ethan G. exhibited a flawless ceremony. 

Also, in quite an impressive display of patrol unity, the evening was spent in a true old style campfire, complete with skits, songs and jokes.  The adults led off the event, as Ethan W acted as the Master of Ceremonies.  The Lil’ Pat skit brought us all to tears of laughter, and on the heels of that, the adults sang a song as led by Ms. Hall.  Each patrol then had a skit, the Penguins performed “Dirt Mart”, the Dingos acted out “Candy Counter” and the Phantoms, “Longest Belt”  Many jokes followed these performances. The feeling of warm camaraderie was felt by all, and only a troop operating under the auspices of a true “patrol method” has the good fortune to experience. 

Summercamp 2014 Day Six: 6/26/2014

After being fully in tune with the merit badge and camp program , I asked some of our Scouts what they liked about their merit badges  and those classes this morning,:

Emilio likes Communication and Citizenship in the Nation, but thinks Archeology is boring

Dalton W says, “theyre all fine.”

Reese likes Fishing and Archery merit badge, he has been carrying his fishing rod around alot

Ethan W. likes free time and sign offs for advancement, and was really interested in Archeology

Michael H. enjoyed the Service Project from yesterday and Citizenship in the World

Corry likes Citizenship in the World

Ethan G likes Rifle, Archery, and Wood Carving

John Shoe. likes Soil and Water Conservation

Henry is interested in  Rifle and Citizenship in the World

In all, the boys are engaged and moving at a full clip from the moment the bugle is sounded by Devin to the last campfire of the night.  Again retiring to the sound of the bugle.

Today was special for John S. as his family visited him and the troop for the camp wide hoedown.  It was complete with a burger meal, a local live band, a dunking booth for Colby (the camp social director), and Highland Games as demonstrated by the counselors from Boonesboro. 

In addition, some of the troop participated in some “off campus” activities.  SM Scarpa and the Coons, visited the local pulp and paper factory, Evergreen.  While in the evening, Devin and his dad attended the Horsemanship Merit Badge instruction at a local farm. 

Ryan P. landed the first trout of the week for the troop, and liked it so much, he caught 4 more by the end of the day,  assisting in a portion of tomorrow’s meal.  It will be prepared in the camp, by Mr. Wells who always has some culinary tricks up his sleeves. He is our troop Dutch Oven expert. 

Our campsite inspection for the morning was an impressive 100%, thanks to the SPL and ASPL for some great leadership, especially in the area of the daily pioneering project.

We still are looking forward to the fun times ahead, and are hitting the home stretch with enthusiasm that is being fueled by our new troop cheer taught by Mr. S.  Itten Bitten……………………..